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Welcome to Silver Wheelss!


'Silver Wheelss' the brand new vehicle rentals division from TRAVEL MATRIX, is dedicated to cater full-fledged vehicle rentals to the regional travellers from our region with unconditional and professional service standards. Silver Wheels as a new initiative, fills itself the place as a single most company that have set its objectives to serve to the budget & luxury class of travellers for all their vehicle rental needs and also to promote regional tours basically concentrating with two themes.

Identifying the huge opportunities and the need for the vehicle rentals in the central districts of Tamil Nadu and other major tourist attractions in the state, we are confident in establishing ourselves as a trusted company from our customers and major services providers of the travel industry across the state.

We welcome you to take time to browse through all our web pages to find all the required information's about our company, our services, vehicles, regional tours, prices and other useful information's about TRICHY and its surroundings for planning your future visit to this central region of Tamil Nadu that is famous for its Hindu temples, pilgrimage attractions and Tamil language.

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Trichy Airport Trichy Railway Station Trichy
  1. The second fastest growing airport in Tamil Nadu
  2. Increasing trends in number of flights
  1. This central district attracts more tourists
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